Why “About Her...”

I work with teenagers. One of the things I consistently teach them is to write outside their comfort zone; to constantly push themselves as writers. In 2015, one of the kids made a comment to me that shifted my artistic trajectory, “Vision, I can't even see you writing love poems.” She couldn't see it because she never heard me spit a love poem. I've been running from them forever. They make me insecure. I feel like I'm being cheesy. If you've ever seen me perform, it doesn't take much to make me blush, especially if I'm reading “Crush Poem” or “… To Know Her.”

About Her…” is me expanding outside of my comfort zones. It's me exploring and sharing sides of myself I've been uncomfortable sharing. And it may be cheesy… And it may be corny… And I'm still not completely comfortable sharing this… But that's a good place to be.

This is not a book of love poems. This book is love. This book is pain, and everything in between. This is a book about love. This is past experiences and present escapades.

Welcome to my growth.


Why "Heal on Purpose?"

Why "Heal on Purpose?" Healing is a universal experience. Regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or preference, we all have people or things from which we need to heal. We have been fractured and bruised by people and things we've loved.  We all have had ugly scabs covering gashes and wounds. We've all been stitched and stapled. Healing is what ultimately binds us to each other. You never know who or what can be the antiseptic you need to continue.  Fractures are ugly, painful and constrict your movement. But they heal over time.  Bruises are ugly, hard to hide and constrict your movement.  But they heal over time. Scabs are ugly, hard and fragile. But they are a beautiful experience. They are the progress. This collection of poetry is my proactive and retroactive healing. Some of these poems are experiences I've ignored over the years.  Ignoring a wound does not make it heal. I hope these poems inspire you to find your own healing. The world needs you to heal.

Heal On Purpose


Poems By Perry "Vision" DiVirgilio

"Saturn's Return" occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person's birth. This typically occurs around the age of 29 and it's impact can last into a person's early 30s. Astrologically, it's a rebirth. Symbolically, it's a time for transition. It's the Universe's way of telling you it's time to grow up. It's life's way of telling you it's time to pick a path. During Saturn's Return, we are almost always faced with fears we've had as youth.

"Survivng Saturn's Return" is my truth. My struggle. My triumph. My testimony. 

Surviving Saturn's Return